Returning home: Taking baby steps into motherhood

Date: June 2018 Client: RNZ
Jacinda Adern
Opinion – Week one: Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford have left hospital with their baby daughter and returned home. What next?

Saving the nation from graphic detail about the birth was your first mum-win. Tick.

Your head wants to hit the pillow, the baby needs a feed and Clarke is trying to remember where he parked the car.

Being practically almost a neighbour, you can take it from me that even on the short drive from Auckland’s maternity unit to Sandringham there’s room for disaster.

The first time my husband and I took this coming-of-age trip was eight years ago, yet it feels like yesterday. A combination of stitches (mine and not the laughing kind) and a crying baby took the gloss off our homecoming.

Any new parents heading home with a new baby would surely feel comforted by the knowledge a security detail is in close range and will be for the foreseeable future. It’s the ultimate backup.

But how does a diplomatic security team prepare to protect a prime minister and her newborn? What’s their code-name for the new baby? Have they done reconnaissance on highchairs at the local café?

Jacinda Ardern is the third female to lead our country and the first to be sworn in while pregnant. Jacindamania gave way to Jacindababymania when she announced the pregnancy last year, which has been reported on by more than 800 news outlets around the world.

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