Develop a career with purpose

Date: May 2018 Client: For YUDU careers website
career with purpose
Matching your values with a potential employer’s purpose could result in a more rewarding career, even if it pays less.

Finding your best job-fit is about more than the skills you can offer – research shows employees are more engaged and less likely to move on quickly when their values match that of the organisation they’re working for.

The Sustainable Business Council’s annual snapshot 2016/17 found 66 per cent of New Zealanders would rather work for a company with strong values, even if they were paid less.

AUT senior lecturer and careers specialist Margie Elley-Brown says the first step towards a career with purpose is to determine what’s important to you.

She says many students are interested in issues impacting the world, from environmental concerns to mental health and inequality.

“They need to be self-aware and think about what their values are. They have got to look inwards at what really matters and write a list of organisations.”

Among the courses she teaches is a paper on social entrepreneurship in AUT’s business school, which introduces students to the idea of business with a purpose.

“We introduce them to the hybrid form of business. It’s a crossover business, it makes money to try to alleviate a social issue. Students grasp it and are fascinated,” says Elley-Brown.

Many organisations have corporate social responsibility woven into their business strategies, and also give employees opportunities to volunteer for a charity for a day.

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