Noun, A person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home (circa 2018)

Perhaps I’ve always been a homebody but now that it’s cool to have a great night in, it’s time for me to wear that title like a badge of honour.

It sits alongside other badges I’ve earned for jobs such as picking corn kernels out of the washing machine after bad bouts of sickness in the family.

The highlight of my week? Friday night in front of the telly with a glass of wine. I’ve earned my homebody status in a way no millennial could claim it off me.

And yet, that same generation has flooded social media with the wonders of food deliveries and on-demand television for a great night in. A whole economy has been built around being a homebody.

Official figures from the US using a decade’s worth of the annual American Time Use Surveys showed that millennials spent 70 percent more time at home than the general population.

Staying in is something to brag about on Instagram, and writing the hashtag somehow conveys an aura of humbleness. What was once seen as unadventurous and lonely is now a legitimate lifestyle choice.

Given my weekend evenings are like my weekday evenings minus school lunch prep, I mark the weekends with something different. A glass or two of wine, usually.

Even my days are homebody-like. Although I spend some days working in the city, others I’m at my home office where I’ve found my choice of clothing says a lot about what’s ahead.

As I write this, I’m wearing athleisure clothing which shows I intend to exercise outside the house. Perhaps I’ll take off that homebody badge someday.


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  1. Stephen May 3, 2019 @ 4:38 am

    Hi Amy,

    Very good! 70% eh! That is amazing. But I too enjoy ‘home’. Though I used to say I’m getting older as I look forward to a boring night in!

    Trust you’re well!

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